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Challenge Club

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We are a MSA Affiliated club and this means...

“You can now actually get provincial colours in the sport you love.”


Officials Present on the day

MSA steward
Club Stewart
Clerk of course
Race secretary
Environmental Stewart

All of the above will have written exams to qualify for the position

our next event

17 August 2019

Step 1

Firstly, your social licence for the day, you have to buy online at www.msaonline.co.za. Competitors will not be allowed to compete if he/she cannot produce a valid MSA licence. The licence costs of One Social Licence is R1040-00 p/p (both driver and co-driver) must have a licence.

Step 2

Competitors 50years and over are to require to submit an “effort” ECG (stress) every 3 years. To complete your Social Licence you send Doctor letter to (rashaad@motorsport.co.za) when you submit your Social License. Follow process as it will guide you to what to do.

Step 3

After you have that. You can complete our entry form.

Entry for the 17 August 2019 will be R250-00.

Step 4

Download, read and sign the documents below. This include our Club Regulations, Online MSA License Guide as well as the Medical Waiver.

Medical Cover:

  • The cost of the MSA Group Accident Cover is R402-00 per person if the competitor does not have his / her own medical cover.
  • Or proof of own medical cover, Letter from medical Aid to state cover for the day competing.
  • Or send back the signed waiver with the option to decline both of the above.

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Cape 4×4 Challenge Club